Tips for wearing contact lenses with makeup and cosmetics

Whilst you can carry on using eye makeup when wearing contact lenses, you may wish to be aware of the following guidelines.

  • First, insert your contact lenses and then apply makeup.
  • Lenses should be removed before removing makeup.
  • Fast-drying fibre free mascara is advisable.
  • Eye-colour pencil should not be applied directly on the edge of your lower eyelid. It is better to apply this to the edge of the¬†lower eyelash.
  • Eyeshadow in cream form/compact powder has been shown to be the best type of lens wearers.
  • Liquid eyeliner can lead to some tinting of soft contact lenses.
  • Use a rich eye make up remover for removal of eye makeup.
  • Be careful not to allow hand creams, sun lotions and nail polish remover to come into direct contact with the lenses.

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