Bifocals vs Varifocals

Why do I need bifocals or varifocals?

As we grow older it becomes more difficult to focus on objects close by. This is a perfectly normal process called presbyopia. The purpose of the lens in our eyes is to change shape as we focus on objects at different distances, with age the lens becomes less flexible so even if you have never worn prescription glasses before you will need help with reading. If you have previously worn glasses you will now need a different prescription for reading. Some people who are short-sighted may find that they are able to read if they take their glasses off.

What are bifocal lenses?

Glasses with bifocal lenses are most commonly used for those with presbyopia. This issue usually results in people needing glasses with two different prescriptions, one for short and one for long distance. The two prescriptions have a clear line between them. There is no gradual variance between the two. Wearers of bifocals need to look up and down to change between the prescriptions they need, starting with long distance prescription at the top and moving down to near distance at the bottom.

What are the benefits of bifocals?

Bifocal lenses allow the wearer to address two vision problems without having to change glasses between tasks. That makes bifocals a convenient solution for many patients. Instead of having one pair of glasses for reading and one for driving, a wearer can have a single pair that makes it easy to do everything.

What are varifocal lenses?

Varifocals are also known as progressive lenses and they have more than 2 regions. The top part is for seeing things far away and the lens gradually increases in strength as you go down the lens until it reaches the prescription for reading at the bottom. The part in the middle can be used for middle distance viewing.

What are the benefits of varifocals?

Similarly to bifocal lenses the wearer has just 1 pair of glasses. These correct for both close and further distance viewing. As there is no solid line, like on bifocal lenses, they can be used for all types of distant viewing, close up, middle and distant.

If you haven’t worn varifocals before they can take a little time to get used to. However, we are so confident that you will get on with the new varifocals that we give you 45 days to try them. If you are not happy after this time, we’ll exchange them for another solution. book an appointment to find out more.

How do you get the lens right for me?

Every eye is different. Things such as its shape and the way it moves can differ from others by anything up to 30%. Just like you, your eyes are unique and they deserve to be treated as such.

Before now lenses didn’t account for this, so when you looked through any area except the central part of your lens, you would lose visual performance.

You can benefit from a three-dimensional eye examination that takes into account how your eyes move. Now, wherever your eye moves, that section of the lens is individually optimised for them.

Book your appointment here and experience a new way of seeing.

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