What are personalised lenses?

Every eye is different, such as its shape, the way it moves, and it can differ from others by anything up to 30%. Your eyes deserve to be treated uniquely, like you!

Personalised lenses are lenses that have been made specifically to your unique eye exam. These lenses care up to 5 times more precise than standard varifocals as they take in to account the rotation of your eyes.

Before now lenses didn’t account for this, so when you looked through any area except the central part of your lens, you would lose visual performance. The Eye Rotation Cente (ERC) can vary as much as 30% across the population and in standard lenses, they are manufactured based on everyone having the same eye rotation centre (ERC).

3D eye exam

The measurements for your eyes are collected through specialised equipment in store, Opticare takes a three dimension eye exam to take in to account how your eyes actually move. Now, wherever your eye moves, that section of the lens is individually optimised for them.

It only takes 30 seconds to have the examination, which will result in your unique eye code.
Your lenses are produced using this unique code and you will experience all-round clarity like never before.

Instant vision without effort

You won’t need to adjust your posture, even when looking through the lens periphery. Eyecode lenses are as comfortable as a custom-made sports shoe.

Low contrast images will be clearer, even when reading in dimly lit conditions.

Distortion or ‘swimming’ images will become a thing of the past, even during the most dynamic activities.

With eyecode lenses, your vision becomes immediately comfortable, highly contrasted and dynamic.

What are the benefits of personalised lenses?

They are built not only for your eyes but how you use your eyes. If you have existing varifocals and find them irritating, then personalised lenses could be the right thing for you. Or maybe you tried varifocals and couldn’t get on with them. Personalised lenses may just be the thing to you need to make it easier to wear glasses all the time.

They are easier to use and it takes less time to get used to them. This makes them a natural fit for your eyes.

These lenses allow you to focus clearly and comfortably in all directions without effort and give you a wider peripheral vision.

To find out more about personalised lenses book an appointment online.

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