Red eye is a common problem, usually caused by an allergy or infection. In general, it could be a sign of a more severe medical condition requiring further assessment. In other words, it can be alarming, but may also be a sign of conjunctivitis or another minor eye condition. In any case, you should see your optometrist for further assessment.

Several Common Causes Of A Painful Red Eye

If you are suffering from a pain in your eye or have any other symptoms. such as loss of vision, the common cause is likely to be one of the following.

  • Iritis
  • Acute glaucoma
  • An ulcer on the cornea
  • A scratch to the cornea or a particle in the eye

Managing Problems

Red eye is a very common problem that may be quickly resolved. At Opticare, our optometrists will assess your eyes and may refer you of further treatment is necessary.

Red Eye Treatment Options

The problem typically disappears by itself within a few days. However, doctors may suggest antihistamines or steroid eye drops to patients with a more severe allergic reaction. The red eye problem caused by a bacterial infection is generally treated by antibiotics.

Individuals with infectious red eye are recommended not to share face clothes with other members of their household. They are also advised to avoid touching their eyes in order to prevent passing on the infection. As the UK’s leading independently run family opticians, we offer quality and affordable red eye treatment.