Introduced in 1987, disposable lenses are designed to be worn for a specific period of time, then thrown out and replaced with a fresh pair of lenses. Disposable lenses are now the most common type of contact lenses because of their health and convenience benefits.

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The Benefits of Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses

• The widest range of prescriptions.
• Most suited to full-time wear.
• A choice of multipurpose lens care solutions to complement your monthly disposable lenses.

Can I wear disposables?

Yes, you probably can. 85% of all patients can be fitted with disposable contact lenses. Our qualified Optometrists can advise you during your contact lens consultation.

Your frequency of replacement depends on how often you want to wear your lenses and whether your eyes produce a lot of deposits and if you suffer from allergies, (hay fever). Opticare’s Optometrists will advise you on the correct option.

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Monthly Contacts for Every Budget

As easy on the pocket as the eye, our entry-level monthly disposable lenses give wearers the freedom they want, when they want it.

For wearers looking for the perfect balance of comfort, health and vision at the right price.

For wearers who put a premium on comfort, health and vision, these high-performance lenses are available in a wide presc ription range.

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Thinking of trying contact lenses? then book a trial with us. Our professional optometrists will help you choose the best style of contact as well as the most comfortable. Try them in a comfortable and safe environment, where you won’t be rushed or pressurised into buying.

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