Purchase your glasses with precision made lenses direct from your local Opticare opticians. Precision made, polished to last and delivered with care, we pride ourselves on providing a first class personal service.

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Purchase your glasses with precision made lenses direct from your local Opticare opticians. Precision made, polished to last and delivered with care, we pride ourselves on providing a first class personal service.

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Opticare have been a regular fixture on the high street in Newark, Anstey, and Birstall for many years now. Our dedication to staff training, customer care and first class service is what makes us popular on the high street, and we’d love to welcome you in to our shop, as well. Our wide range of frame styles coupled with the latest in precision lenses means you receive great quality, superb value and friendly service in each and every one of our branches.

A wide range lenses


If you regularly use a computer screen and experience eye strain, you may need spectacles specifically designed for VDU or screen use. Under European Union legislation you could be entitled to an eye test and glasses paid for by your employer.

Light weight lenses with an anti-reflection coating are most suitable for computer use and for those who require varifocal lenses, new computer varifocals are now available (offering intermediate and near vision correction only).

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If you are a local company and need to make sure your staff have regular eye tests to comply with EU legislation, then we have a scheme just for you. Our Corporate Scheme for eye tests makes sure you are compliant with legislation, whilst offering great value to you and your staff.


If you need both near and distance vision correction, then you are probably presbyopic – a condition which most people experience from their mid-40’s onwards. The traditional solution is to use bifocals, but these have a sudden change in focus and a visible line across the lens.

Varifocal lenses are an increasingly popular alternative. They have a gradual change in their optical power, so there is no disconcerting jump between your reading and distance vision. As a result, varifocal lenses give you better middle distance focus. They also look more attractive without the dividing lines of bifocals and these days, you aren’t restricted in frame choice.

Until recently, frames had to be quite large in eye size to accommodate all the areas of focus in a varifocal lens; however, technological advances now mean that even small fashion frames are suitable for varifocal lenses. Not all varifocal lens designs are the same, as some are more suitable for driving, others are for prolonged computer use and reading and some are more suited for general use. Our Optometrists will advise you on the correct choice of design to meet your needs.


New ‘hi-index’ materials mean that your lenses can be made thinner, lighter and better looking. This is particularly useful if you have a high power prescription. No longer will you need to wear thick, unsightly lenses or have your choice of frames restricted.

Our Hi-index lenses are available in store for a range of prescriptions and can include proactive coatings and specialist finishes for use in driving or sports. Talk to your local Opticare Optometrist for advice on what is best for you. To choose your next frames visit your local branch and discover the latest designs and trends in frame design

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Photochromatic lenses change from light to dark depending on the amount of ultraviolet light they are exposed to.

These lenses were first introduced about 30 years ago and they came in glass material of only two colours, i.e. brown and grey. However over the last few years these lenses have become widely available in both plastic, high index and also polycarbonate materials.

This makes them thinner, lighter and flatter, as well as safer.

View the full range of colours available instore and select something special, just for you.


These lenses remain tinted all the time (as oppose to photochromatic lenses) and are available in plastic, hi index, polycarbonate and glass materials. Light coloured tints are used for cosmetic effects, as well as indoor glare. Dark coloured tints are used for protection against the sun’s rays, i.e. sunglasses.

Lenses can be tinted all over or be graduated i.e. fade from dark to light, usually fading from the top down.

Our dispensing staff will be pleased to show you the range available and help you choose the right lenses for you.

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Many sporting pastimes and some other occupations, such as driving, increase the risk of damage to the eye. Polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant making them the ideal choice for active wearers.

They are also suitable for children involved in active sports as well as normal spectacle wearers, because they are thinner and lighter compared with standard plastic lenses.

Polycarbonate lenses also have built-in ultra violet protective properties (other types of plastic lenses must be further treated to give the same level of protection).

View our range of lenses and frames for sport in your local store.

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Digital Lenses


Our goal is to provide you with a modern solution to the modern problems of Blue-Violet light. Essilor have developed two lens innovations to do this: Eye Protect System and Eyezen Focus combined. Using unique technology, Eyezen lenses are designed to protect the eyes of those who lead a digitally connected life, by preventing eye fatigue, improving readability, and reducing light glare — regardless of whether you need prescription glasses or not.


Eyezen is a range of eye protection lenses designed for those who live a connected life. Whether you work in a digital environment, are a regular video game marathon enthusiast, or hooked on social media, Eyezen lenses may aid in reducing eyestrain throughout the day.

Lens Coatings

Most lenses can now have special coatings applied which enhance your vision and also improve the appearance of your glasses. In particular we recommend that your lenses have scratch-resistant and anti-reflection coatings.

A scratch-resistant coating will prolong the life of your lenses because it reduces scratching from general wear and tear. No lenses are scratch proof (even glass lenses!).A lens treated front and back surface with a clear, tough coating becomes more resistant to scratching.

An anti reflection coating is applied to both surfaces of the lens to improve the vision through the lenses as well as the cosmetic appearance of the overall spectacles. This coating is similar to that found on microscope and camera lenses.

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Spread the cost of new glasses, lenses and spectacles and save with our Optiplan care package.

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