MiYOSMART – New technology to slow the progression of short-sightedness in children

This week we’ve launched a new product, the MiYOSMART lens. It is a spectacle lens which is designed to help slow the progression of myopia (short-sightedness) in children, which has shown excellent results in a long term research study. What is Myopia? We have previously written a guide to Myopia in children, if you want […]

Opticare Crowned Winners of The Customer Care Award at Newark Business Awards.

Shaimil with the customer care award from newark business awards

On Friday night, at the rearranged, socially distanced, in your own home, Newark Business Awards event, we were very proud to be crowned winners of the Customer Care Award. As a business that puts our customers at the centre of everything we do, it was fantastic to win. It feels wonderful to be recognised for […]

Introducing the latest OptiPersonalise progressive lenses

man wearing glasses with x4d varifocal lenses

If you have found yourself doing a head dance to get your glasses to focus in the right area to flit between distance and close objects, you’ll already know the limitations of progressive lenses. The world we live in today with electronic devices means we are constantly flicking between distance and close up vision. With […]

Nighttime driving glasses to reduce glare and reflections

With nights starting earlier, at this time of year, we tend to find ourselves driving more and more at night. This can bring different problems to do with vision and remaining safe behind the wheel. Driving at night affects many aspects of vision, including depth perception, colour recognition, and peripheral vision, for which nighttime driving […]

Glasses and lenses to help with your hobby

During the lockdown, many UK citizens turned to new hobbies to occupy their time and keep their sanity. A recent survey has revealed the top 6 hobbies taken up during lockdown were: Learning a language Fitness training DIY Yoga Baking Gardening If you have taken up one of the new hobbies above or even a […]

How to stop glasses steaming up wearing a mask

With new legislation here in the UK recommending everyone wears a face mask when out shopping or in public areas indoors, us glasses wearers are suffering from a new problem. The steaming up or fogging of our lenses on our glasses. Before COVID-19 and the mandatory wearing of face masks, this was never a problem, […]

Opticare Are Re-Opening

We are open sign in Leicester branch window

We are re-opening Wednesday 13th May. Given the news that the UK is now past the peak number of Coronavirus cases, we are cautiously re-opening our branches for essential appointments, from the 13th May, Monday-Friday 9am-4:30pm. RESTRICTIONS APPLY, PLEASE READ ON FOR DETAILS…

Energy Efficient Lighting now complete in all our practices

LED Lighting in ceiling at Newark branch

In February we finished a project which we began last year, with the last filament bulb light being removed from our Newark practice and being replaced by LED lighting. We now have energy-efficient lighting throughout our branches in Newark, Sileby, Anstey, Birstall. A local electrical company has been working with us to complete the work, […]

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