50% Off your 2nd pair of Crizal lenses

There’s never been a better time to update your spectacle wardrobe! Do you find that one pair of glasses isn’t enough for your lifestyle? Perhaps your eyes get tired after using a computer or tablet for too long? Maybe that all important spare pair has seen better days? Here at Opticare Opticians, we are offering […]

Our Website Runs on 100% Renewable Energy


We’re proud to announce that through working with our partners, we can now say that our website runs on 100% renewable energy. The internet uses a lot of power. It’s estimated that data centres that host websites and services are responsible for somewhere between 1% – 3% of global energy use. This causes greenhouse gas […]

A look at the Mulberry Brand

To celebrate the new range of frames and sunglasses from Mulberry, here is a short look at the Mulberry brand, where they came from and what you can expect from them. Founded in 1971 Mulberry was started in Somerset by Roger Saul. In 1982 the first Mulberry store in London opens in Gees court, where […]

What are personalised lenses?

Every eye is different, such as its shape, the way it moves, and it can differ from others by anything up to 30%. Your eyes deserve to be treated uniquely, like you! Personalised lenses are lenses that have been made specifically to your unique eye exam. These lenses care up to 5 times more precise […]

Bifocals vs Varifocals

Why do I need bifocals or varifocals? As we grow older it becomes more difficult to focus on objects close by. This is a perfectly normal process called presbyopia. The purpose of the lens in our eyes is to change shape as we focus on objects at different distances, with age the lens becomes less […]

Tips for wearing contact lenses with makeup and cosmetics

Whilst you can carry on using eye makeup when wearing contact lenses, you may wish to be aware of the following guidelines. First, insert your contact lenses and then apply makeup. Lenses should be removed before removing makeup. Fast-drying fibre free mascara is advisable. Eye-colour pencil should not be applied directly on the edge of […]

Contact Lens Wear – Do’s and Don’ts

Contact Lens Wear can be confusing, we’re here to help. Here are a few “words of wisdom” to ensure so that you get the best out of your contact lens wear. Do’s for Contact Lens Wear Attend regular check-ups. Wash (anti-bacterial soap in a pump dispenser) and dry your hands (lint free tissues) prior to handling […]

Lenses to reduce nighttime glare and reflections when driving

Heading into winter we tend to find ourselves driving more and more in the dark. It’s very important to make sure your prescription glasses are suitable for this visually demanding task. Driving in low light can not only be difficult, but also potentially dangerous if you’re not wearing the correct night vision glasses. In addition, […]

Over £900 raised for 2 local charities

To celebrate our 30th year in business, we decided earlier in the year to raise money for 2 local charities close to our hearts. As a small thank-you to the communities that have supported us and allowed us to grow over the past 30 years it was decided that in July and August this year, […]

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